There are a million questions that need to be asked when building a new home and still plenty when only building a new kitchen, bathroom or deck. Hans and the LCM team will help you lay out your calendar, guide you to the next important question and remind you of your budget throughout the process so you don’t break the bank.

Order of operations: You may already have an architect handling design and permitting, if so, call LCM and we’ll happily quote your job. If you want the whole design/build package created for you, call LCM, we can design a new house for you, get the permits, price it and build it.  If you’re an enthusiastic DIYer, call LCM, we can act as consultant and help you build your own house.

Design: What you put where, how much this or that light costs and who decides these things is the very crux of all building projects. A design created by someone else and handed to you will be the most efficient version of design. If you’re someone who needs to see the walls built before you know how to make a decision LCM will go along for the ride and keep a spreadsheet of costs in front of you the whole way. We have many designer friends in our circle including Kaleo Quenzer, Noelle Karman, Jennifer Mullaly, Patrick Donaldson and others.  Hans designs the built-ins, the shelving, furniture; he also keeps your design ideas at the center of the project to help keep the new thoughts in line with the original thoughts.


Your questions answered.