Remodels have the rep of being ghastly experiences. Ours was the antithesis of bad. Due to the skill, talent, and humor of all of LCM’s team - my family is forever grateful for the magic that LCM performed in and outside of our 113 year old farm house. I tell people all the time how weird it is to actually miss the guys or “uncles” we got accustomed to having around. I recommend LCM without reservation.
- Maura Whalen

I just wanted to let you know how easy and awesome this has all been. Everything looks terrific. Great subs too... we’re thrilled with the job and the outcome. Work looks great; everything was organized, clean, and efficient.
Thank you so much for a really easy three weeks of remodel.
- Jill Freidberg

We are so so so very happy with how it all turned out! Thank you so so much! Arun was amazing and we are so happy with the outcome. Hans you have a great crew!
- Carrie Clark

I will sing your praises to whoever needs some work done on their house!! You were a delight to work with, and I think we're all going to miss you hanging around here
- Beth DeVries

In a nutshell, here's how it went: I got to work with a smart, creative, talented contractor and construction manager who also happens to "get" that communication is a good thing and he's not afraid to do it. Not only that, but he was respectful of my budget and timing, and came in right on both. And I cannot forget to mention that my old house was in just the right hands for keeping the integrity of its vintage years intact in the course of updating it."
- M.Gogulski

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your men did on our remodel. We're very pleased with the advice you gave us, the quality of materials you chose, and the quality of work you did. We also appreciate your efforts to stick to the $60,000 bid. I'm sure it wasn't easy -- I don't know how you kept track of everything -- but I knew you would honor it. So thanks again for everything. You and your men were great to deal with, and we're very happy with the results. We hope you can come by and check out the condo. If you have time, we'll even buy you a drink! Aloha.
- Ron and Terry Evenson

Hans Altwies and LCM Builders made it easy. We had a mid-size remodel project with several parts: interior/exterior remodel on a historic house, landscaping and a small out-building. Hans took care of it all - he helped us think through some design issues; he researched options for fixtures; he kept in touch on the progress of the job; he quickly handled the various details that we brought to his attention; and he made sure the end product was just to our liking. The result looks great. Thank you, LCM!
- Andrew Kidde

Your hard work and many talents are evident throughout our home. We feel the end result is a place where we and our kids can most truly be ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
- A. Quayle

Truly a fantastic experience with a beautiful outcome. Dan and Isaac worked extremely hard with a high level of professionalism and their workmanship exceeded our expectations. We look forward to sending LCM as many referrals as you can handle. The final check is in the mail. From our family to your entire crew, thank you.
- Damon, Carrie & Ryder

These guys are a great to work with. Grade "A" wood working skills.
- J. Lazerwitz architect and client